Petite Posy

Petite Posy

A spring-colored glass vase is filled with an assortment of blooms in spring colors. Each design will differ but will be a mix of color and textures.

**due to supply, please see the picture of the new vase for this design - it will be in one of the springy gathered square vases**

Approximate size - overall height 14" (vase is 6" tall)

**Please note - in efforts to focus on safety for our employees and recipients during the pandemic, we will be abiding by the CDC's guidelines of social distancing as much as possible, sanitizing and use of personal protective equipment.

A recipient phone number must be provided so that we can ensure that they are aware there is a delivery outside of their home when contactless delivery requested. No deliveries will be made without a recipient phone number. Please contact us with any questions**